About Wm. Neumann & Co.

Dear Friends,

During the early years of the 20th century our great-grandfather, William Neumann, opened his first drugstore in Detroit, Michigan.  As a pharmacist during the turn-of-the-century, he took detailed notes and filled several journals with his formulas and aspirations for his business.  He had a truly remarkable vision, but unfortunately he was never able to fully complete it, as he passed away unexpectedly when his son, Wilford, was just a young boy.  Wilford understood the importance of keeping his father’s legacy alive, and maintained his father's notes and records to be passed on to future generations.

Reading through William's formulary notebooks and journals, we learned that beyond traditional pharmacy, he had a deep passion for developing fragrances and the finest grooming products for men.  He developed several "prescription" treatments and fragrances for prominent gentlemen whom frequented his drugstore, and was dedicated to using only the finest ingredients in his preparations.  He maintained an unwavering commitment to providing only the finest quality products and services.

At Wm. Neumann & Co., our passion is to continue his vision and legacy.  Using his formulary notes, we have re-introduced some of his favorite and most popular fragrance formulas.  We continue to uphold his commitment to quality and service, and will always strive to meet your greatest expectations.

Best Regards,

The Neumann Family

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