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    Product Details:

    After countless hours, numerous formulations and refinements, we are proud to now offer one of the finest and most comprehensive shave creams available.  

    Blended with the finest ingredients to include Premium Oils, Silk Protein, Glycerin, Aloe, Shea Butter, Essential Oils, Botanical Extracts, and more, this formula creates a terrific creamy, dense lather, and leaves your skin smooth and moisturized. It can be lathered up with a shaving brush or with just fingers.

    8 fl.oz/236ml, Amber Bottle W/Pump

    Key Ingredients:

    • Stearic Acid, Myristic Acid, Shea Butter, and Premium Oils--Create a creamy, dense, slippery cushion of lather 

    • Oat Straw, Marshmallow Root, and Chickweed--Soothes and calms irritated skin

    • Kosher Vegetable Glycerin--Naturally hydrates and softens the skin
    • Allantoin--Natural Conditioner
    • Slippery Elm Bark--Creates a Natural Slip
    • Green Tea and Blue-Green Algae, Vitamin A, Vitamin C--Powerful natural antioxidants, encourage the healing process
    • Nettle, and Milk Thistle--Well known for their healing qualities

                Wm. Neumann & Co. Heartwood® Fragrance Blend:

                A truly first-class refined outdoorsy, woodsy fragrance—Fresh Bergamot and Spices combine with Blue Spruce, Sweet Bourbon Whiskey, Pipe Tobacco, Leather, Mimosa Flower, Guaiac Wood, Oakmoss and Myrrh to create a very masculine & warm fragrance.


              • Customer Reviews

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                Best shave/Best scent

                I rarely write reviews, but this product line has given me the best shaves of my life. Post shower: rub the heartwood shave oil on my face while I prep the cream with my brush. I lather up with warm water and do with the grain pass. Rinse, oil up again and do an against the grain pass. Rinse off, put some witch hazel on let it dry then put on the heartwood post shave balm and it's baby smooth, and soft every time.
                I just worked 13 days in a row-and I shaved with these products-every single day against the grain. I had a baby smooth, soft face with little irritation. The soap smells amazing and it works like a boss! This business has awesome customer service and a fantastic American made product. These products are worth every cent. I'm in my late 20's and I will happily be a customer for life.

                Background: After converting to DE shaving 6 years ago, have tried every type of cream, soap, oil, lotion and potion out there. I used hot water, cold water, lukewarm, ice cold. I feel I have sunk a small fortune into DE razors and blades. I have very sensitive skin on my neck with thick, curly facial hair. I would love to have a beard however, my job requires me to have a baby smooth face-which is impossible because I have a 5 o'clock shadow by 11am. I always have irritation on my neck, but this product line dramatically reduced the redness. I feel like I'm one of those campy actors on an infomercial, but damn it, the heartwood products work and smell great!


                ibought the shave cream and after shave balm both in the heartwood scent witch are both great manly earthy scents i face lathered with a brush and explodes into a great lather with tons of slickness after shave balm also great works quickly into the skin will order more!


                First off, I can't say enough good thing about this company. This is probably 4-5th time ordering their products and they are phenomenal. Ordered on a Thursday received on Monday. Always a free little gift with it!! The heartwood is a great, not very perfumey, earthy smell to it. I love it. Smells like a man. I alternate in between this and 1911 formula.
                I hope you guys stay open forever because as far as prices and quality goes.... Number 1 in the country

                When time is not on your side.....

                When you have to shave but do not have the time to churn up a lather from your puck, these creams will do the job. They are made with the same care as the pucks and provide a fine lather with a scent that kicks butt.

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