Shave-Soap, 4oz, Signature 1907®


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    Product Details:

    In keeping with our family's commitment to the finest quality preparations, we set out to create and refine one of the most comprehensive shaving soaps available.  We formulated it using the finest Coconut, Palm, and Safflower Oils, Kosher Vegetable Glycerin, Soy & Wheat Proteins, Slippery Elm Bark, and Bentonite Clay--all blended with our Apothecary Blend of healing Botanical Extracts and Essential Oils.  For the best traditional wet-shave possible, create a rich cushion of lather using a premium Badger Hair Shave-Brush and hot water.


    4oz, 3" Diameter--Works great with our Handcrafted in the USA Shaving Mug.

    Key Ingredients:

    • Coconut, Palm, and Safflower Oils--Saponified oils create a creamy, dense, slippery cushion of lather 

    • Oat Straw, Marshmallow Root, and Chickweed--Soothes and calms irritated skin

    • Kosher Vegetable Glycerin and Sorbitol--Naturally hydrate and soften the skin
    • Soybean & Wheat Proteins--Natural Conditioners
    • Slippery Elm Bark and Bentonite Clay--Create a Natural Slip
    • Green Tea and Blue-Green Algae--Powerful natural antioxidants, encourage the healing process
    • Nettle, Milk Thistle, and Black Willow Bark--Well known for their healing qualities

                Wm. Neumann & Co. Signature 1907® Fragrance Blend:

                Wm. Neumann's famous Signature scent from 1907 began with his Famous Plum and Apple Brandy combined with Cinnamon and Caribbean Spices, Vanilla, Juniper, Cardamom, Labdanum, Cedar, and Sandalwood.  A traditional clean masculine fragrance that is classy, bright, fresh, and timeless.  A favorite amongst the politicians and business executives of the era whom frequented his drugstore.


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                A new favorite

                I have been using Heartwood which is a favorite of mine, but after using 1907, I have found a new favorite. I just wish Wm. Neumann made their body soaps in these scents.

                Great soap, classic manly scent

                I took a chance and placed an order for a couple different soaps and after shaves. I am most pleased with both.

                Regarding the soap, first I should point out that as a vegetable based soap it is a bit more difficult to master the lather. I found that if I let some hot water sit on top of the puck while my brush is soaking in hot water, when I go to lather, things are much easier. Just shake off the excess water from the brush and load the brush for 60 seconds. I know that seems like a long time to load but the soap is VERY hard and will last ages. I have also found lathering from the half pounder jar is much easier than the 4oz tin (but that is just me). Once you get this down it produces mounds of slick and creamy lather.

                The scent is a very manly scent to me. Spicy and woody. My girlfriend, ex-wife and friends have all made very positive comments about the scent (I use the matching after shave).

                A very worthwhile soap which I think everyone should try, just find the scent for you.

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