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13 June, 2013

When the time came to reinvent our original shave mug, we set out to find a partnering company that would help us achieve our goal of making the best mug available that would stand the test of time.  For us the choice was simple, we partnered with Deneen Pottery, makers of some of the finest stoneware, to assist us with an exclusive design.  All of their pottery is handmade with care in St. Paul Minnesota  USA.  We worked with Niles Deneen, his father and founder of Deneen Pottery, Peter Deneen, and his uncle Jack Deneen, to design a new shave mug which was inspired by many shave mugs that were popular during the turn of the century.  Each mug is handmade by the master potters at Deneen Pottery and evidence of this is demonstrated in the slight variances between each mug.  This means that the mug that makes it into your hands is distinctly yours.  Every one of our shave mugs is also engraved with the Deneen Pottery mark and the year it was crafted.  Small touches like these will make our shave mug a valued item in your collection for many years to come.  

Everything from the build quality to the shape of the handle was considered.  We wanted a mug that would stand up to the wear and tear of frequent use, and would last long enough to be passed down to future generations.  The walls of our new shave mug are up to three times thicker than many of our competitors’ products. This ensures that the mug is durable and also improves a variety of factors, such as heat retention.  The shape of the mug’s handle is not only similar to those that we found from the turn of the century, but it can also be held in a variety of different ways.  This ensures that you can find a comfortable grip to suit your preferences.  These are just a few of the small details that contribute to an even better shaving experience.  

While many of our competitors simply print their brand with ink on their mug which can wear off with use, we decided to seek out a more permanent solution. The emblem on the front of each mug was created using a technique called Engraved Glazing, which was invented and developed by Peter Deneen.  The level of detail created is simply remarkable, and our logo is permanently engraved into the clay for the life of the product.

Available in:

Black/Cinnamon Marble


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